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Implement Solutions

Fuel success with principle-centered leadership

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Drive New Growth

Boost team productivity and performance

Is your team aligned with the company mission?

Executives face challenges every day. At any time, you might be dealing with:

Executive coaching services can help zero in on and make impactful changes where they’re needed most.

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Your Leadership Team's Time Should Be Spent On Top Priorities

Tailored Executive Coaching Services For Key Leaders

With over 35 years of experience working with executives, Mary Cioffi provides specialized support to help leaders tackle the unique challenges of balancing strategic and operational demands.

Tailored 1-on-1 coaching sessions address not just underperformance, but also the challenges of managing strategic change, enhancing communication, and maintaining high performance in volatile markets.

Mary’s approach involves personalized sessions that delve into the core issues facing your executives, from aligning team goals with company vision to fostering resilience in leadership. Executive coaching sessions will help to enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and work-life balance, guiding your leaders to build a robust, mission-driven company culture.

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Executive Coaching Packages

Custom executive coaching packages are available to meet your needs. Coaching engagements range from a minimum of 3 months to 1+ years depending on the scope.


Mary Cioffi, Executive Coach

Executive Coaching Services Testimonials

Joseph R.
CEO, Consumer Products
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Mary Cioffi has been an amazing coach to my senior leadership team. Her ability to work with my team and coach them has resulted in improved communications and results throughout my company. The team loves working with Mary and they look forward to their next interaction with her. She gives 5 stars in her work and the team greatly appreciates her.
Pavan K
Founder/IT Consultant Firm
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I loved the approach of first identifying my top 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses and then coming up with a plan to work on those while also making sure they are in line with my overall goals and daily to-do's. This is work in progress, but I feel I will be able to enhance my strengths and overcome my weaknesses, with Mary's help. A structured approach, with someone who can keep you honest is the right way to work on oneself. Mary's industry experience is a huge plus. I would highly recommend Mary for your coaching needs!
Adam S
VP of B2B Sales
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I feel like I've grown into a different leader and person with Mary's guidance.
Rubin C
VP of Supply Chain Planning
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Mary Cioffi is a gifted and approachable coach, and I enjoyed every single session. She's a phenomenal listener. She knows how to create a safe space for people to reflect on their behaviors and actions without fear of being judged, and she does it effortlessly. She helped me tremendously during the major structural and cultural change at work. If you need a life coach or leadership coach to help you identify and eliminate barriers that get in the way of achieving your goals or a space to talk through options with a non-judgmental sounding board; you should schedule your first appointment with Mary. You will not be disappointed.
Martha M.
Executive Style Coach
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Let me start off by saying Mary is a bright light in a dark room. She is smart, generous, full of energy, and extremely genuine! In a sea of Exec Coaches, Mary is rare. As an HR leader, I would bring her in to my organization in a heartbeat.

The Executive Coaching Process

What to expect when working with Mary for executive coaching services.

Free Consultation

Schedule a 30 minute slot on Mary's calendar for a time that's convenient. Mary will speak with you virtually to learn about your company, what you'd like help with, and answer any questions you have. If we are a fit, we deliver a custom proposal for an executive coaching package.

Assessment & Coaching

In the initial assessment, Mary collaborates with the Client (the coachee) and a Company sponsor to comprehensively understand your current challenges and tailor a coaching strategy. One-on-one sessions, held either weekly or bi-weekly, focus on setting strategic goals, skill development, and navigating obstacles. This personalized approach ensures that the coaching effectively supports the Client's professional growth and aligns with Company's mission

Implement Solutions & Fuel Growth

Through regular sessions and ongoing support, you'll see continuous improvements in your executive's abilities. Frequent check-ins with sponsors ensure alignment with top-level goals and sustained leadership development.

Mary Helps Mission-Critical Leaders Thrive

Mary delivers a personalized experience with coaching services that fit each individual leader’s circumstances and goals.

Discover untapped ways to sustain high performance through any environment with Mary’s help.

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